April 14
‘Religious discourse in the archived web: Rowan Williams, archbishop of Canterbury and the sharia law controversy of 2008’
General Assembly of the International Internet Preservation Consortium

March 7th
‘Michael Ramsey, archbishop of Canterbury’
Westcott House, Cambridge

January 28th
‘Digital contemporary history: where are we now?’
Danish Association for Research in Contemporary History


December 3rd
‘Understanding cross-border religion in the Irish web’
Times and Temporalities of the Web (conference)
INCC, Paris
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August 17th
‘Politics and Archbishop Ramsey, 1961-74’
Church and British politics since 1900 (conference)
University of Durham

June 23rd
‘A new class of primary source for historians? Prospects and pitfalls in using web archives for research’
National University of Ireland, Galway

June 10th
‘Reading creationism in the web archive: a utopian dream, a conspiracy theory and a moral panic’
ReSAW conference ‘Web Archives as Scholarly Sources
Aarhus University, Denmark

May 26th
‘Religion, social media and the web archive’
International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM15), Oxford. Keynote at workshop on religion and social media