Twentieth century history

Lucy Delap and Sue Morgan (eds), Men, Masculinities and Religious Change in Twentieth-Century Britain (Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2013) (forhcoming in Gender and History; summarised here.)

Mark Clapson and Peter J. Larkham (eds), The Blitz and its Legacy. Wartime destruction to post-war reconstruction (Ashgate, 2013) in LSE Review of Books

Stephen G.Parker ad tom Lawson (eds), God and War: the Church of England and armed conflict in the twentieth century (Farnham, Ashgate, 2012), in Journal of Beliefs and Values [free summary]

Alister Chapman, Godly Ambition. John Stott and the evangelical movement (OUP, 2012), in Reviews in History

Peter Dorey and Alexandra Kelso, House of Lords Reform since 1911. Must the Lords Go ? (Palgrave, 2011), in Reviews in History .

John Maiden, National Religion and the Prayer Book Controversy, 1927-28 (Boydell, 2009), Bulletin of the Christianity and History Forum 

Charles Taylor, A Secular Age (Harvard University Press, 2007), in Christianity and History Forum Bulletin, spring 2009

Hugh McLeod, The Religious Crisis of the 1960s (OUP, 2006), in Reviews in History

Callum Brown, Religion and Society in Twentieth-Century Britain (Pearson, 2005), in Reviews in History

John Wolffe, Religion in History. Conflict, Conversion and Co-existence (Manchester University Press, 2003), in Reviews in History

Theology/religious studies

David Brown, God & Mystery in Words. Experience through Metaphor and Drama (Oxford, 2008), in Anvil 26;2 (2009)

Charles E. Farhadian (ed.), Christian Worship Worldwide. Expanding Horizons, Deepening Practices (Grand Rapids/Cambridge, Eerdmans, 2007), Anvil 25;4 (2008), 330-1.

Rowan Williams, Why study the past ? The quest for the historical church (London, Darton Longman and Todd, 2005), in Christianity and History Forum Bulletin.

Euan Cameron, Interpreting Christian History: The Challenge of the Churches’ Past (Blackwell, 2004), in Reviews in History

Rowan Williams, Anglican Identities (London; Darton, Longman and Todd, 2004) and Edward Norman, Anglican Difficulties (London; Continuum, 2004), in Reformation and Renaissance Review 7;1 (2005), 131-2

Early modern

Chris Marsh, Music and Society in Early Modern England (CUP, 2010), in Reformation  16 (2011) 225–227

Jean-Louis Quantin, The Church of England and Christian Antiquity. The Construction of a Confessional Identity in the 17th Century (OUP, 2008), in Reviews in History

Review article:  Beth Quitslund, The Reformation in Rhyme. Sternhold, Hopkins and the English Metrical Psalter, 1547-1603 (Ashgate, 2007), and Hyun-Ah Kim, Humanism and the Reform of Sacred Music in Early Modern England. John Merbecke the Orator and The Booke of Common Praier Noted (1550) (Ashgate, 2007), in Reviews in History.


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