Our Times

I note several reviews of A.N. Wilson’s recent study Our Times. It has a number of things to say about the state of the “national church”, and gives Michael Ramsey a particular pasting. See Dominic Sandbrook in the Guardian,
D.J. Taylor in the Independent and Piers Brendon in the Times, all of whom mention Wilson’s sometimes sketchy grasp of the factual detail. John Campbell in the TLS (14/1/09) goes so far as to suggest that it “poisons the wells” for serious historical work.

It is interesting, however, as an example of a particular type of conservative interpretation of the period.
[The problematic nature of Wilson’s reference to a national church is noted by a letter to the TLS this week.

[UPDATE: For more on conservative narratives of the period, see the conclusion to my book on Michael Ramsey. ]

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