Henry Chadwick

The 20th June edition of the Church Times carries the obituary of Henry Chadwick, one of the 20th Century’s leading historians of early Christianity. Many undergraduate students of theology or church history will be familiar with his book ‘The Early Church’. Less known to the wider public was that Chadwick was an influential figure in church music: a member of the editorial committee of Hymns Ancient and Modern and chair of the committee that produced Common Praise. The Church Times obituary includes a nice tribute from Lionel Dakers who recalls, amongst other things, how Henry Chadwick, an accomplished pianist, once had Zoltan Kodaly turn the pages for him!

[Peter adds]
See also other obituaries: Rowan Williams in the Guardian, and another in the Telegraph. The Telegraph author makes the following waspish but apposite observation:
After religion, the great passion of Chadwick’s life was music. Unlike those Anglicans who persist in confusing aesthetic sensation with religious experience, however, Chadwick never raised his musical interests to the level of dogma. It was a civilised entertainment shared, happily, by his wife Peggy, whom he married in 1945.

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