Redefining Christian Britain

I’ve recently received a copy of a new book: Redefining Christian Britain. Post 1945 perspectives, edited by Garnett, Grimley, Harris, Whyte and Williams. It is a very interesting collection of essays which together explore some different conceptual frameworks in which to consider the transformation of Christian Britain. From the point of view of the arts, there are five pieces of particular interest:

  • Bernice Martin on Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials trilogy
  • George Pattison on the visual arts
  • William Whyte on church building
  • Alana Harris on changes in liturgical language, and
  • (and here’s the advertising), Ian Jones’ and my own piece on the idea of authenticity in music for worship.

SCM Press have very helpfully provided a PDF version of the Introduction which helps to place the overall intent of the book in relation to trends in the literature on the period.

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