Michael Ramsey

My study of Michael Ramsey, archbishop of Canterbury, for the Ashgate series on archbishops of Canterbury is now published.

It is available to pre-order from Ashgate directly, or from Amazon, in hardback, paperback, ebook PDF, ebook Epub. It’s slightly cheaper from Ashgate, at £22.50 for the paperback.
Ramsey - cover
It is part essay, part edition of sources (list here). The essay is shaped like this:

Introduction [available free online]

The church and the churches
Introduction / The Anglican Communion / The World Council of Churches / Orthodoxy / Rome, and Roman Catholics in England / Intercommunion / The Anglican-Methodist Unity Scheme

The church and the state
Introduction / Monarchy / Freedom for the church ? / Crown Appointments / Synodical government / The House of Lords / The Church and State Commission (1970) / The Worship and Doctrine Measure (1974)

The church and the moral law
Introduction / Capital punishment / The family / Pornography / Theatre censorship / Divorce / Abortion / The Sexual Offences Act 1967 / Conclusion

The missionary church in time of crisis
Introduction / Providence, history and eschatology / Crisis in the language of the Church: prayer book revision / Crisis in theology: Honest to God / National crisis and Days of Prayer / Northern Ireland

The prophetic church
Introduction / Nuclear arms and Christian pacifism / Vietnam / Southern Rhodesia / South Africa / Immigration


Reviews and endorsements
From the back cover, an endorsement by Rowan Williams, master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, and archbishop of Canterbury from 2002-12:

“A very judicious and comprehensive survey of the thought of one of Anglicanism’s greatest figures, with a sympathetic assessment of his impact on public discussion and decision in Britain during his time as Archbishop. Peter Webster has done an exemplary job in digesting a large amount of primary material, and this is a fine contribution to the understanding of an era as well as of a man.”

Also on the back cover, an endorsement from Dr Andrew Atherstone of Wycliffe Hall Oxford, biographer of Justin Welby:

“This is a sparkling and broad-ranging introduction to a fascinating archbishop, written with crisp prose and crystal clarity. Peter Webster is a discerning guide, deep in the sources, and offers a sympathetic reading which sheds new light upon Anglican politics in the long 1960s.”

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