Archbishop Michael Ramsey

I am writing a study of Michael Ramsey, archbishop of Canterbury, for the Ashgate series on archbishops of Canterbury.

It is part essay, part edition of sources (draft list here). At the moment, the draft essay is shaped like this:


The church and the churches
Introduction / Orthodoxy / Rome, and Roman Catholics in England / Intercommunion / The Anglican-Methodist Unity Scheme

The church and the state
Introduction / Monarchy / Freedom for the church ? / Crown Appointments / Synodical government / The House of Lords / The Church and State Commission (1970) / The Worship and Doctrine Measure (1974)

The church and the moral law
Introduction / Capital punishment / The family / Pornography / Theatre censorship / Divorce / Abortion / The Sexual Offences Act 1967 / Conclusion

The prophetic church
Introduction / Vietnam / Southern Rhodesia / Ramsey and the media / Ramsey and Christian pacifism / South Africa / Immigration

The missionary church in time of crisis
Introduction / Providence, history and eschatology / The language of the Church: prayer book revision / Crisis in communication: Ramsey and the arts / Crisis in theology: Honest to God / National crisis and Days of Prayer

The predicament of Cantuar: Ramsey and Northern Ireland


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